Shoulder Conditions

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint comprised of the scapula, clavicle, and humerus. A complex anatomy of muscles, tendons, and ligaments provide movement and stability. Because the shoulder joint is the most mobile and flexible joint in our body it is more susceptible to degeneration, stress, and overuse especially the rotator cuff.

The shoulder is a common source of aches and pains, which can be provoked by repetitive motions at work, sports, daily activities, or natural degenerative wear and tear from aging. 

Common Symptoms treated by Dr. Nowak:

  • Stiff Shoulder
  • Shoulder pain increased with motion
  • Aching pain
  • Disturbed Sleep
  • Tenderness or Swelling
  • Grinding of the shoulder joint
  • Joint sliding out of place
  • Muscle weakness

Shoulder Care

Arthroscopic and mini-open procedures are considered for the following conditions: arthritis, rotator cuff tears, bursitis, tendinitis and tendinopathy, calcific tendinitis, bone spurs, labral tears, impingement syndrome, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), chronic subluxation or shoulder dislocations, multi-directional shoulder instability, fractures, and A/C (Acromioclavicular) sprains.

We Treat The Following Conditions


Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
Rotator Cuff Tears
Calcific Tendinitis
Labral Tears
Impingement Syndrome
Snapping Scapula Syndrome
Shoulder Instability/ Dislocations
A/C Sprains
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Meniscal Tears
ACL Reconstruction
Collateral Ligament Tears
Patella Pain
Patella Instability
Quadriceps rupture

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Golfers Elbow
Tennis Elbow
Biceps Tendinitis/Rupture
Loose Bodies
Nerve Compression

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Mallet Finger
Trigger Finger

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